CONSENSUS explodes with Augmented Reality technology in the US

This week CONSENSUS has been a proud partner at the MPI World Education Congress 2018. We delivered an enriching presentation on how to “Enhance the participants experience by using Augmented Reality technology for enaging events. Using our bespoke system we made our workshop hands on as this is the best way to understand how we work. You have to be able to talk the talk and walk the walk.

Our AR solution kept participants busy all session

“This was the best explanation of what Augmented Reality is and it blew my mind away on the possibilities it can offer”. Mr. Tom Graybill.

We split the participants into different groups where they could do many activities. We designed a full printed map wall of the United States of America where there were no names of the states on it. The wall was printed front and back and when participants hovered the camera over each state the states would appear through the AR lens. Once tapped it would unlock questions related to the specific state, launch stats and PDF documents so participants could discuss the answers together and also compare their findings and knowledge. As you can see below, how engaged you can make a break activity / workshop.


In order to streamline the flow / traffic of the participants we also designed icon triggers which we placed around the room and made a treasure hunt. When participants scanned the icons it unlocked various tasks / files. You could unlock a video, animation, PPT, PDF, Open ended questions, interactive exercises.

The point of this task was to nudge people to walk around the area and discover how media can be immersed using simple triggers. This is a great way if you have exhibition stands or maybe booths where you want to direct more traffic / attention to. *The key importance here is not to just put anything in, the value is to connect the audience and get them networking and discussing topics together, this technology is a strategic tool that guides that learning process and outcome. Please see the example of the triggers below.

Furthermore, in order for your event to succeed, it’s very important to add a level of Competitive Learning (Gamification). We made teams at this event based on the rows they were sitting in. Whatever interaction they did, such as scanning the icons or the AR Map wall they would gain points for their team, and if they got them correct they would gain more points.

However the most important is that they can gain points just for participating. All points were weighted and the results were shown live as they were scanning, with a rich video animated background branded to the event. As an example here you could show the scoreboard throughout the meeting to nudge your participants into further engagement.

CONSENSUS scoreboards

All in all, WHY are we different? Well we are not a congress app. We strategically design our technology and tailor it to every part of the agenda. We push out exercises when the time is right so the participants can focus on the most important objective which is the presentation. Augmented reality in the long run gives a better ROI, affordable and can take your meetings to the next level.

The value of your meeting is equal to the panning you put into it and the content you create. The level of participant engagement is a factor that can either deter from or increase the value.

We are engagement experts.

CONSENSUS proud to be part of WEC18 #wec18 #engagingmeetings #eventprofs #mpi#meetingdesign


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