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Consensus empowers people and businesses with an innovative engagement solution. Connect, our cutting-edge platform, elevates engagement internally and externally by unifying communication, training, motivation, and meetings in one powerful platform. One platform, one partner for impactful engagement.

Helping companies engage people internally and externally

Let’s Get You Connected

In a complex, modern world, organizations often need to juggle several software platforms to support their projects, which can create barriers to engagement. Unlock the power with the Connect platform: an all-in-one engagement ecosystem that revolutionizes communication, training, motivation, and meetings.

“Over the last four years, Consensus has helped us achieve our goals by removing barriers to engagement, benefiting our customers and patients. Their innovative NOVO CONNECT platform has revolutionized our employee engagement, driving outstanding results. Recent company performance confirms the value of this partnership, with 2021 being our best year in a century.”

Your Engagement Ecosystem

Experience the unrivalled power of the Connect universe, a fully integrated ecosystem that revolutionizes how you communicate, train, motivate, and meet. With us, you have everything you need to eliminate barriers, and harvest the data and insights you need to drive success.


No more jumping between scattered communication tools. Get everyone on the same page for smooth workflows and inspired collaboration.


Elevate learning journeys by combining features from the traditional world of e-learning with innovative, modern bite-sized learning.


Gamify the experience, boost motivation, nudge behaviour, and unlock continuous growth and inspiration.


Say goodbye to event execution worries and create extraordinary meetings, engage participants, and go virtual effortlessly.


Unlock Your Potential with Our E-learning Solution

Experience modern, dynamic, and engaging learning that unlocks full potential. By leveraging data-driven insights, we create a fun and impactful learning journey that increases skill development, professional growth, and a culture of continuous learning.


Elevate Your Pitching Skills using our AI Video Coach

Discover an innovative approach to leveraging AI technology to practice and receive coaching and instant feedback on delivering presentations, pitches, and communication.

Unlock the power of engagement

If you or your organization is looking to remove barriers to engagement and drive desired employee behavior with a WOW factor, we got you!


Empowering Experiences in Meetings and Events

Break away from the traditional live experience and embrace interactions that make your event memorable. Whether you bring your own device or use our dedicated iPads, our technology keeps participants actively involved throughout the event while our on-site staff ensures a seamless experience for a successful live meeting.


The Power of Engaging Meetings

All the best from live events and meetings brought virtually with simplicity and ease. Engage participants globally through interactive features like live polls, competitive learning, augmented reality, and more, creating an immersive and dynamic virtual or hybrid experience.

Microsoft ISV partner

The proud winner of Empowering Employees

“Congratulations to Consensus on winning the Empowering Employees Microsoft Partner Award 2022! Consensus has developed a solution that transforms the way employees learn. At a time with no face-to-face learning possibilities, Consensus has demonstrated artificial intelligence at its best by developing a digital platform to drive engagement through intelligent and automated learning and coaching. With this solution, Consensus has ensured continuous sales and learning through times of a pandemic.”
– Microsoft

About us

Impossible is Possible

At Consensus, we embody the spirit of ‘impossible is possible’. This fundamental belief is ingrained in every aspect of our organization, driving us to challenge limits, think outside the box, and conquer barriers. With this mindset, we unlock innovation, seize opportunities, and inspire transformative change. Through our shared conviction, we achieve the extraordinary – not only with our technology but with the support and expert advice we give.

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