We have been working with the use of technology to involve and engage meeting participants since 1992. We advice and assist with meeting planning and design with a focus on how you can engage participants to ensure that the objectives of your meeting is met. We were the first company in Europe to use iPad technology to involve meeting participants. Here almost 5 years later, the iPad continues to be our favorite tool in various situations. It is user friendly, it has a full day battery life and it gives us, as interactive expert and developers, great possibilities to design engaging exercises. We are continuously searching for and developing solutions using other engaging technologies. Our interactive screens are a great example of this. No matter the objective of bringing people together; learning, sharing knowledge, distributing information, creating action plans, implementing strategies or developing individuals - engagement is the key to unlocking the value of bringing people together.

Our employees are our greatest asset

We have put together a highly dedicated team of employees who share our core beliefs. Our international team consists of loyal and committed technology specialists, software developers, usability experts, skilled project managers and experienced management consultants whom all believe in the benefits of sharing knowledge in new and creative ways.

Kasper Svaneborg

Partner and Co-founder

Emil Oustrup

Partner and Head of Project Management

David James Thomas

Partner and Creative Director

Nanna Pind Hougaard

Senior Project and Process Manager

Ludmilla Timsdottir

Design Director

Chris Megginson

Senior Account Manager

Jakob Jordahn

Senior Project Manager

Liam McLean

Project Manager

Dina Madsen Smed

Project Manager

Thomas Maund

Project Assistant

Gabriela Helene Cunha Haslund

Project Assistant

Lauren Torres

Project Assistant

Martin Ruttle

Lead Software Developer

Frederik Juulsgaard Sørensen

Senior Software Developer

Lennart Pedersen

Software Developer

Anders Wiberg Olsen

Senior Software Developer