Is 75% or more, completing your meeting and conference evaluations?

Evaluations of your meetings and conferences are necessary to measure whether or not you reached the objectives for the event. But exactly how do you get the participants to evaluate?

Only a few people take the time to fill out the evaluations that you need to assess how the participants have experienced the event – does that sound familiar? We have the solution that brings you over 75% responses before the event is even over.

The use of Smart technology such as mobile phones and iPads has proved itself to be a great investment, if you want a higher Return on Meeting Investment (ROMI). Scientific studies have shown that it improves the results with more than 60%.

This is also the solution to higher response rates if you do it the right way. The process is pretty simple.

Before the conference is officially rounded of with a ‘wrap-up session’ by the meeting host, the digital evaluation will be introduced in plenum.

The evaluation questions are pushed out to the participants on their digital devices – iPads or mobile phones – in the background subtle music is played and a barometer on the main screen is showing the growing percentage of completers. The meeting host will explain that when at least 75% have completed the evaluation, the meeting program will continue. We keep a close eye with the completion percentage, and within a relatively short time – 2-3 minutes – the majority of the participants have completed the evaluation.

Now, that’s efficient.

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