We have extensive experience with participant involvement at meetings, conferences and events with 10 to 1,500 participants. Based on our experience in planning and the design of participatory meetings and conferences, we offer a comprehensive solution including consulting throughout the entire process.

We guide you to create better meetings and conferences with the help of participant involvement and modern technology. Our knowledge and expertise is based on hundreds of international meetings and research documenting the effect of what we do for you. We help you to raise the bar of your events and create visible results that you can use for management reporting.

Advisory Services

As experts in interactive meetings, we have worked with multitude of organisations from management consulting, finance, logistics to healthcare. Our consultants are always by your side to ensure that meeting format fulfils the purpose while being both engaging and educative.

Meeting application

At ConsensusOnline, we have worked with our in-house full service meeting application as well as with external solutions designed for BYOD use. Our meeting tools are always designed with participant experience in mind, which makes them user friendly and practical. We take pride in managing fully customisable meeting tools, that are designed with specific meeting and purpose in mind. This means, that the meeting application is viewed as a modular experience, which can be customised according to different budgets and requirements.

Touch Screen solutions

ConsensusOnline has used touch screen solutions in meeting and conference environments since 2015 using our custom built touch screen application. In 2016, we started integrating user experience from our meeting application to touch screen solutions, that enabled our customers to take delegate engagement to another level. Touch screens are most often used as educative pool of knowledge in break areas, knowledge cafes, company stands and workshop exercises.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

From 2017, ConsensusOnline was one of the first event technology providers, who offered fully interactive Augmented Reality experience along with their meeting application. In 2018, we are taking the user experience even further and are using Virtual Reality in conference environment. There is immense potential in Virtual and Augmented reality within meeting space, which is not yet fully utilised. In this regards, we are developing custom built solutions for each customer. While relying on their need and meeting purpose
´´ Our Meeting App, serves as an interactive platform offering a wide range of features that can be selected as needed. The possibilities are endless – let’s think outside of the box and develop a solution tailored for you, your participants and your meeting or conference. Below you'll find some of the different functions our interactive platform and the interactive screens can offer.