Welcome to our newest problem solver

Tell us a little about yourself:

I’m one of the danish members of the team, born and raised on the beautiful island Bornholm.
Currently I’m studying for my masters in Digital Media Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark. 
I have always been fascinated by technology and interested in figuring out how it works, which is one of the biggest reasons why I’ve chosen to work with development of new technology.

What drives you as a person?

I enjoy delivering solutions which solve problems in a smart and quick way. At Consensus I have the opportunity to do so, as we constantly want to improve our solution and take it to new heights.

Why did you want to join CONSENSUS?

Because I get to be part of a really great team where I can contribute with my knowledge about development in an exciting way and because of the opportunity to work with the really great existing solution, and to further improve it.

What are some of your hobbies or interests?

One of my favourite things to do is hiking and in general being outside and enjoying nature. I’m also a big fan of the Minnesota Vikings in the NFL, and try to watch as many of their games as possible.

Lennart has already helped us push our technology to new boundaries during the time he has been with us. We are looking forward to a more improved CONSENSUS with Lennart onboard.

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