Say hello to our newest colleague

Tell us a little about yourself:

I am an open minded and optimistic Dane, who joined CONSENSUS October 2018. I have always been very found of, and interested in, technology. Once as a I build a kitchen timer, where the inner parts required precise soldering. Though I haven’t built a kitchen timer or similar in years, I worked on a professional level with advanced Virtual Reality equipment, during my studies.
At the personal level, I grew up and studied in Copenhagen and currently live in a busy neighbourhood together with my boyfriend.

What drives you as a person?:

Working with technology is one of my passions, and I find joy and interest in participating in projects and drive them as far as possible. But in all honesty (and as cheesy as it sounds), what drives me as a person is simple and short: I just want to be happy 

 Why did you want to join CONSENSUS?:

I chose to join CONSENSUS since I found the way they facilitate interactive meetings to be quite smart and effective. At the same time, CONSENSUS is also a focused, active and a truly global company with high ambitions and good energy, which really rubs off on you. With CONSENSUS being as global as it is, it gives the (amazing) opportunity to travel around the world while working.

Hobbies and interests?:

I like to go for a run, play badminton or just being together with friends and loved ones.

We are happy to have Dina join our team, please do say hi to her if you happen to see her around.

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