What we love to do

Since 1992 we have been in the business of making meetings better. We do this by helping our clients engage their attendees and transform them from passive listeners into active participants. Through the use of our experience and our interactive technology we help to design and facilitate truly engaging meetings. Engagement is key to unlocking the value of bringing people together.
With our new CONNECT platform today we help clients engage people over time.
In these virtual times, taking a platform approach to meetings and focusing on engaging with people over time, is proving to be far more valuable than one-off virtual meetings.
Our CONNECT platform is the ideal tool for engaging people over time – with everything you need to COMMUNICATE, TRAIN, INSPIRE and MEET.



“To use our unique foundation as an engagement company to build a world-class platform and consultancy helping organizations engage people in any space, anywhere.”



To build software, give advice & deliver solutions enabling our clients to involve, engage and move people. We push for engaging solutions, as we know this makes the difference.

More than just an Event App

We don’t believe in Off the Shelf solutions when it comes to helping our clients. We take pride in creating a tailored platform solution, that are designed with a specific purpose and fit in mind.
For us, flexibility is the overall key in our platform approach, and with all development made in-house, we build customized and innovative features designed to make a difference.
We are Front Runners.


We are humble, happy and proud for the role we have had in making our Pharma clients meetings among the very best in the world – and we continue to strive for making even better participant engagement. We have helped clients make the best F2F Investigator meetings and now are here to help you make the best Virtual Investigator Meetings Moving people from A to B.


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