About Consensus

impossible is possible

Our beliefs stem from a firm idea, that nothing is impossible. This belief is integrated from top to bottom in our organization and it’s the business mantra that we live by every day.

We are innovators of engagement technology, and we help companies create and sustain higher levels of engagement among their employees, customers, and partners. Every single day.

In all modesty, we’ve become known for our deep expertise, innovative event solutions, and the game-changing Connect platform. Connect is a flexible and seamless white-label solution that empowers engagement across teams, tasks, and locations, simplifying the complexity of corporate software solutions. Our international team, driven by a can-do mentality, always goes the extra mile for our customers. We’re passionate about engagement solutions because we’ve witnessed the transformative impact they have. Engaged individuals are empowered to learn, collaborate, and drive exceptional results.

We are one platform, one partner for impactful engagement.

Meet the heart and soul of Consensus

At Consensus, we have in-house teams of project managers and developers to accelerate engagement within your company through the Connect platform. They are the core of Consensus and work with you as one team with a mission to make the impossible possible.

Project Managers

Skilled and experienced, our project managers are committed to understanding and meeting your unique needs. They provide expert guidance on how to utilize every aspect of the platform, ensuring that you navigate the Connect engagement ecosystem to its full potential. Their collaborative approach will help you integrate Connect seamlessly into your company, fostering better engagement, and empowering you to achieve outstanding results. You’ll be in very capable hands.


At Consensus, our skilled developers make the Connect platform stand-out and ensure the platform aligns perfectly with your company. Working closely with the project manager, our developers craft the most intuitive solution, create unique experiences, and keep developing cutting edge engagement solutions.

Together, we ensure that your organization maximizes the potential of Connect through seamless collaboration and ongoing refinement.

Looking for a new job?

We’re always looking for talented people to help us raise the bar for engagement