take your next event to a new level

By using our all-in-one platform to execute meetings, we provide meaningful engagement and learning over time.


Create Meaningful and Engaging Meetings

Say goodbye to event execution worries with our dedicated on-site staff. No matter the scale of your meeting or event, we’ll handle the logistics, leaving you free to focus on your event goals and ensure a seamless experience for all attendees.


Engage in Seamless Virtual Experiences

Connect prioritizes user-friendliness and intuitive navigation. Seamlessly prepare for meetings, join in, and engage with ease through augmented reality, e-learning, live streaming in multiple languages, and much more. Let Connect simplify your journey to more effective meetings.


Unlock the Power of Hybrid Interaction

Experience synergy by seamlessly combining multiple groups in a dynamic hybrid event. Break down barriers and foster collaboration, making every participant an integral part of an extraordinary shared experience. Unlock new possibilities and forge lasting connections that transcend traditional event boundaries.


Our features can take your next events to a new level - no matter your event type

Engage, Connect and Captivate Audiences

Elevate a sense of excitement and captivate your audience with interactive features that go beyond traditional events. From live polls and games, to competitive learning, Connect ensures active participation.

Boost Your Event's Creativity

Creativity will make your event stand out. Connect provides an extensive range of customization options, allowing you to tailor every aspect of your event to match your brand identity and create a truly immersive and memorable experience. Try including augmented reality to make your event space come alive, anyplace, anywhere.

Make the Most of Every Event

Explore the opportunity for pre-engagement, such as learning, social feed, and event countdown prior to an event. Keep the participants engaged with post-event polls, learning, evaluation, meeting recap, and reinforcing attention with the event on-demand. This way, we make the most of your event before, during, and after.

All Known Event Features Plus the Extra Mile

We are more than an event platform. From complex customized agendas and speaker biographies to note-taking, let Connect events infuse your gatherings with an electrifying atmosphere. Use gameshows, workshop experiences, and thought leadership insights to activate participants. Our notifications and event platform will guide you every step of the way.

“Leveraging Consensus’ stable and scalable platform, we are able to organize global events with thousands of participants spanning across multiple regions – without any issues. It accelerated our user engagement and introduced a new standard for how to orchestrate and arrange interactive meetings. The feedback we receive from our customers is extremely positive.”

One platform. Endless possibilities.

Organizations often need to deploy multiple software platforms to engage the people involved. This creates barriers to engagement. With Connect, you’ll never need to juggle multiple applications again. Our platform unifies communication, training, motivation, and meetings all within a single powerful platform.

Other Consensus Connect features

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