Truly enhanced learning journeys. finally.

 Experience a dynamic learning journey that adapts to your needs, providing accessible and flexible opportunities for skill development and professional growth.

Above and Beyond All Other Platforms

We combine industry standards like SCORM and xAPI with an interactive and immersive learning journey. Within the Connect platform, we integrate events, webinars, augmented reality, AI Video Coach, competitive learning, data-driven insights, and much more – all within one seamless e-learning journey.

Elevate Engagement Through Blended Learning

Blended learning enables you to integrate the Connect platform features into your learning journey seamlessly. Experience the value of combining elements such as augmented reality, virtual classrooms, gamification, and social collaboration.

Customize Your E-learning Adventure

Our learning platform can be tailored to fit any brand universe. From a space onboarding program to a sustainable carbon-neutral background – we got you. Personalized, high-impact engagement tailored to your specific learning pathways.

Transform Your Learning Journey

Go beyond traditional methods and create flexible learning journeys. Beat ‘the forgetting curve’ by embracing the effectiveness of repetitive learning. Reinforce knowledge retention and drive accessible learning with customizable bite-sized modules that you can access anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Enhance Team Skills with Certification

Provide participants with proof of completed training and support their ongoing development with certifications. Keep up with company training initiatives and equip your workforce with the latest knowledge and skills to drive success.

“By leveraging the Consensus engagement platform, we are creating a learning path for our employees that raises the bar, provides a fun, intuitive, and engaging experience for our colleagues all over the world, and we are excited to grow the platform and adoption even further in our organization.”

One platform. Endless possibilities.

Organizations often need to deploy multiple software platforms to engage the people involved. This creates barriers to engagement. With Connect, you’ll never need to juggle multiple applications again. Our platform unifies communication, training, motivation, and meetings all within a single powerful platform.

Other Consensus Connect features

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