Motivate through competitive experiences

Gamification brings a new level of interactivity and engagement across everything the Connect platform has to offer. Engage, learn, and level up as you explore a gamified ecosystem that transforms education and events into captivating journeys of growth and achievement.

Boost Engagement with Competitive Learning

Gamification has proven to be a new dimension of interactive learning and dynamic experiences for people and businesses. It taps into human desire for challenge, achievement, and social interaction and transforms learning and event experiences into immersive, enjoyable, and impactful journeys. Connect provides personal progress tracking as well as live analytics for leadership.

Unlock Success with Gamification for Motivation

Gamification in learning combines competitive elements and nudging mechanisms to enhance engagement and motivation. Built on innovative learning principles, it fosters a sense of achievement and encourages active participation. By leveraging tools like the engagement barometer, learners are motivated to progress through a rewarding learning experience.

LevelUp: Growth through Gamified Learning

LevelUp revolutionizes personal learning and skill development through gamification. It incentivizes users to focus on building competencies, fostering continuous engagement and personal growth. With seamless integration into the Connect platform, LevelUp enhances the competency-based learning journey within the ecosystem, unlocking individual potential.

Engage and Excite with Interactive Games

Interactive games maintain engagement while providing a refreshing experience. Create immersive activities that foster engagement without disrupting the cohesion, in a more informal setting. Enjoy interactive experiences that keep participants motivated and connected. “The most powerful way of learning is the playful way of learning” – Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, CEO, LEGO

One platform. Endless possibilities.

Organizations often need to deploy multiple software platforms to engage the people involved. This creates barriers to engagement. With Connect, you’ll never need to juggle multiple applications again. Our platform unifies communication, training, motivation, and meetings all within a single powerful platform.

Other Consensus Connect features

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