Senior Backend Developer

Consensus is looking for a person with deep C# and ASP.NET Core knowledge, who takes the initiative, and who enjoys mentoring and collaborating with fellow developers. You will join a team consisting of 1 frontend developer, 2 backend developers, and two full-stack developers.

You will collaborate closely with the business side of Consensus as our power users are in-house colleagues. Our colleagues and customers have a strong focus on the functionality of our product, which you will help maintain and expand with a robust backend.

Important for this Role

  • You have deep C# and ASP.NET knowledge and experience
  • You have strong experience with relational databases

What makes you stand out

  • Strong in-person presence
  • At least 4 years of professional experience
  • You value team collaboration
  • You enjoy collaborating with the business side and enjoy having strong product knowledge.

We Unlock the Powers of Engagement

Consensus empowers people and businesses by paving a new way to strategic engagement. We combine the IT tools companies need to communicate, train, motivate, and meet. This way, we drive learning, desired behavior, and stronger results across international industries.

Consensus wants to be recognized as an inspiring and attractive workplace, and we aim to grow our development and operations teams and establish a stronger US presence. We want our people to be able to grow when you’re with us and always be better when you leave us.

This position is a hybrid or on-site position (not fully remote). You will join the team at the Danish Consensus office, located in the exciting area in Copenhagen called ‘Nordhavn’.

The Development department structure

The Consensus Development department comprises 3 development teams with 4-6 members, alongside a smaller dedicated R&D team. Our background ranges from a ‘failed’ philosopher and a classically-trained contrabass player to an award-winning author and open-source maintainer.

Our tech stack and the efforts you will join

Keywords: C#, ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework, SignalR, PostgreSQL, Azure, Git

The backend uses ASP.NET Core 7 for web APIs, Entity Framework to access the PostgreSQL database, and SignalR to transmit information through websockets. It runs in Azure Kubernetes Service and in on-premises Kubernetes clusters for major in-person events with hundreds or thousands of participants. Not that you necessarily need to care too much, but the frontend is running on Angular with Angular Material, SCSS, and Tailwind.

The team is its own functional SCRUM team working in sprints of two weeks. Functionality, scalability and sufficient test coverage of new code is a joint team responsibility. New code undergoes a code review before making it to the final product. We share developer documentation and guidelines across the 3 development teams and help each other adhere to development best practices. All teams share a monorepo codebase, including backend and frontend applications. We manage our work items and code repositories in GitLab.

Consensus is working towards offering our applications as SaaS products on Azure. We are an official Microsoft ISV Partner with access to emerging technologies.


  • Hybrid workplace
  • Paid phone
  • Choose your own laptop, operating system, and developer tools
  • In-office lunch from our own cook, Friday Bars (mostly held in our Pool room), LAN Parties, Town Hall meetings, and biannual company summits
  • Medical insurance and other ‘boring’ stuff
For more information or questions, please contact us at